In collaboration with fellow architect George Lovett, we were invited to visit Huesca in the North of Spain to develop concept designs for an entrepreneurial young developer. He recognised the difficulties his generation were facing trying to house themselves as post-graduate students within his city, and elsewhere in Spain (a familiar story). 

We developed proposals based on the re-use of shipping containers to create modular homes of different sizes to suit a variety of prospective residents. The homes could be stacked up, and each had a recessed entrance space, and shaded private balcony - essential in the hot summer climate. Access to the dwellings would be provided by walkways which were designed based upon the motif of the corrugations of the containers themselves.

Over the course of just a long weekend, we worked together to produce a document which represented the different dwelling types, how they could stack, and where within Huesa they could be located. It was proposed that they could be temporarily (at least) located on a number of empty sites within the city that we identified as being suitable. 

The first such site was an empty school building, whose level, concrete playground could provide the ideal location for the proposals with services to plug into, and external space that could serve a community of residents. The document we produced was used for consultation with the local council and mayor. 

The project is ongoing.