Lawrence Weston HUB
Community Engagement

We were invited to make a joint bid to design a community Hub for Lawrence Weston. Key to the project was engaging with local residents as part of the design process. We proposed working with an exciting, varied design team which included an artist amongst others. As part of our presentation Sam wrote and performed a poem to the residents group:

Dear Lawrence Weston, will you marry me,

We want to get engaged to you, you see.

I don’t think we’ll be dropping down to one knee, 

But there’s plenty we’re sure that you'd like us to be.


so how are we going to engage with you?

what sort of things are we likely to do?

well we’ve got tricks and tools up our sleeves,

some you aren’t even going to believe!


to start with we’d just like to meet and to talk,

how about you show us around on a walk?

take us and be our guide for the day

around Lawrence Weston, to where you like to play.


we need to know its nooks and its crannies,

its children, its grown ups, its aunties, its grannies,

we cant meet everyone, not all in one space,

so we’ll make plenty of chances to help design your place.


we’d like to think of it as a big public house,

a hub that is friendly and refers to the Aust,

with a roof and a front door, and a big entrance court

where you can meet, you can play and can talk.


A space thats for gathering for parties, for plays,

A place for art and for work, day to day,

Somewhere supportive when you need a hand

somewhere friendly, not run by the man!


we want you to help us to get this place right

to locate it, to plan it, designed for day and for night

we want your help to design the walls

we want to engage with all the local schools


one idea is to tile it with colour

to make it glazed, make it shiny like no other

a place which is special and really quite fun,

somewhere where you can always come. 


And now its time to tale you some tales, 

of how in the past we've tried to engage. 

The things that we've tried and the things that we've done

How they can work for you, and how they’ll be lots of FUN!