Charlton Down Barn

We are working on converting an existing steel framed agricultural barn on the edge of Charlton Down near Dorchester in Dorset. The Barn is is being converted into a new dwelling house under Permitted Development Class Q which enables a change of use.

The design has evolved as a super insulated, air tight envelope with metal and timber cladding referring to its agricultural aesthetic. The spacious interior volume will have new lightweight timber framed 'boxes' inserted into it to contain bedrooms, a study and music studio space for the creative clients; a musician and an inventor.

In the centre of the new home a raised living area on a half level breaks up the scale of the space creating somewhere more intimate to enjoy watching films. 

We are collaborating on the project with Greenguage environmental engineers. The project aims to meet the highest levels of performance and we have been exploring the possibility of meeting Passivhaus standards.