Bristol City Council:
Homes 4 Bristol

Barefoot Architects have been appointed to Bristol City Council's Homes 4 Bristol Framework as part of a consortia with 2 other local practices. Following a rigorous Pre-Qualification Questionnaire, Tender and Interview process we were delighted to be accepted to be part of a major housing delivery project. This collaborative approach typifies our attitude to projects. 

"Bristol is in a housing crisis. Notwithstanding the recent upturn in house prices and housing market activity other demographic, economic and policy changes mean that housing is less affordable for those on lower incomes and there is a substantial excess of demand over supply. At the same time as demand is rising, production of both affordable and market housing has fallen significantly. Availability of suitable housing at all market levels, but particularly affordable housing is critical ‘infrastructure’ if the economic potential of the city is to be realised."

We are working to secure the next tranche of projects which will be released in Summer 2015.