Bridport Cohousing CLT

Bridport Cohousing is a project for 34 new dwellings in Bridport, West Dorset on a beautiful site in the parish of North Allington. Located below Allington Hill there are stunning views across the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in which the project is situated. Barefoot Architects has been working with Bridport Cohousing Community Land Trust, a resident-led 'sociocratic' organisation to develop designs for their site.

The proposed houses all face South to maximise passive solar gains and capitalise on views to the wooded hills and surrounding landscape as well as focussing the community towards a shared 'village green', water garden and common house. The common house has a variety of shared facilities for the community including dining, meeting, kitchen and laundry spaces - all to enable residents to share resources in a more sustainable, more affordable and more neighbourly way.

The project has been submitted for planning consent which we hope to receive in Spring 2015. The project has an anticipated construction value of £4.5m. We have collaborated with LT Studio Landscape Architects to develop the master plan and strategy for this innovative project.